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farm marketL A Farms established in 2001 has an expanded product line that includes strawberries and vegetables. All of our quality products are grown through sustainable agriculture and environmental community leadership. L A Farms is located at 400 Gambo Pond Road, Mint Brook the birthplace of Joey Smallwood, former Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador and the last father of confederation.


L A Farms is located within a 3.5 hour drive of 75% of the entire province’s population, 47 km (29 mi) from Gander Airport and 303 km (188 mi) from St. Johns. LA Farms has a mobile market located at one of NL busiest tourist stops Joey’s Lookout, TCH Gambo.

L A Farms has a second mobile market located at Airport Blvd, Gander. In 2008 a third market at 509 JR Smallwood Blvd, Gambo.

We offer a variety of produce and food related products throughout the season. We begin with strawberries, and collard greens mid July. Throughout the season as crops are ready we offer field fresh products at our markets: broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, sweet corn, potato’s, cucumbers, turnip, parsnip, onions, green and yellow beans, red onion, red cabbage, zucchini, and Brussel sprouts.

Halloween pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and straw bales are available.

September Nova Scotia and Apples and plums are available.

Jams and Preserves are available starting in July.


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